Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All Spice - Indian Fusion @ Bay Area

Location - SanMateo, CA ( Bay Area
Cuisine - Indian Fusion
Ambiance - Semi Formal
Price - $$$
Recommendation - Recommend for Special occasions and celebrations

Bayarea is the best place to eat Indian food in the west coast and I believe that many would not argue with my statement above. Our host was a huge food enthusiast and had made reserveration for 4 of us on a warm friday Night .I always wanted to try an Indian fusion restaurant and was very excited about the dinner that night  .

We parked into a house , not a very typical ambiance for a restaurant and were comfortably seated in what would be a dining room of a house . The decor was good , but I would have preferred more bigger dining area with patrons seated far apart .

Menu contained an international selection and had dishes that any american restaurant would be proud of . The drinks were one of the highlights we had passion fruit lassi and ricemilk drink .

What we ate

Really well done Lavendar/Cumin Scallops and  Chicken wings for appetizers. Flavors were spot on both subtle and at the same time had boldness of Indian spices.

For the main course we picked Bacon crusted rack of Lamb , Thai inspired Pork Belly , poached black cod and chikpea paste. Each one had unique flavors and were cooked to perfection.

Among other things I would have preferred a more creative name for a restaurant than All spice and though the waiter was nice I did not feel that he cared much about our e experience , it almost felt like reading a script .

I left satisfied with the food and would definitely return back if I am in the area again . This restaurant is definitely my recommendation for Indian fine dining .

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